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Visit the WORK Page for some work stuff and some engineering shareware.
Go to the PPT FTP site to get (outgoing) or send (incoming) files.
If you've never seen a penis gourd, DON'T MISS THIS!! Come with me to Irian Jaya.
See Jesse, Linda, and me at the Golden Gate Bridge.
For a glimpse of the last place like it on earth, visit the DPRK aka North Korea.
For some pictures from my latest trip, come with me to Ethiopia, home of the friendliest people on earth.
Pacifica E-Cam view of the Linda Mar Beach below Pedro Point  Linda Mar Beach Camera, now including HummerCam view
OCHS Class of 64 Page
Letters to the Editor
Underwater photography Underwater photographs from Monterey California
BAAD Cellars - home wine makers
Personal Youtube Videos - Winemaking, Hummers, Family
Opera Scores and Youtube Videos from Pescadero Opera
Old Miller Family Pictures


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