Class History of the OCHS Class of 1964

The year was 1951. Visibility was unlimited. All systems were go. One hundred twenty-three students from Oelwein, Hazleton and Stanley invaded the Oelwein Community School System. This was to be the Class of 1964.

We played with miniature buildings, blocks and paints. After consuming the morning with these exhausting activities, we spent part of the afternoon napping. It’s been reported that Herby Wetlaufer used to fake illness so that he could lay on his rug the rest of the day. The closet seemed to be a popular hangout for the boys.

The girls were concerned with primping their long hair and forming "Girls Only" clubs. Incidentally, Linda Ketchum’s pretty blonde curls will never be forgotten.

New interests and talents developed as we progressed through our grade school years. Joyce Clendenen was the best monkey on the monkey bars, Nancy Dawson and Mike Peterson used to play games, Eileen Steggall and Dave Damge were top athletes. Socially, we used to have parties at Linda Opperman’s house and Dennis Reisner and Chuck Larson had an occasional rumble behind Brown’s. Romances budded during these years and closeness developed between a certain boy and his teacher.

Entrance to Junior High coincided with the Oelwein-Stanley consolidation. Although competition for grades became stiffer, there was also much more fun for all. The field days were exciting, but it was more fun throwing erasers in Mrs. Pousch’s class. The shop boys really had fun when they locked the teacher in his tool room, banged on the pipes, played with the ‘T’ squares and other tools, and got thrown out of class. Brenda Rizzo sure enjoyed her physical education classes. We’ll never forget tat basketball game when Joan Garber was embarrassed. She couldn’t control herself when it came to referees! The highlight of our Jr. High years was the Spring Dance and class picnic. Rich Plaster will never forget that 9th grade picnic. He broke his collarbone.

Entering OCHS as sophomores was an experience well worth the wait. We were all so eager. Several boys couldn’t resist the fire alarms, which were so conveniently placed in the halls. Our musical abilities were quite an addition to the vocal and instrumental departments. We couldn’t visualize them being as good as they were, if we hadn’t been such active participants.

Our Junior year brought the Hazleton segment to OCHS. What fun we had in the much-crowded halls and classrooms. Our class meeting that year was really unforgettable. During the meeting, a teacher became so vigorous with his gestures that he stuck his hand through the window. We wonder if there could have been any connection with the other broken windows at OCHS.

The highlight of the school day was a noon – when we were given the ‘privilege’ of eating. Vicki Williams found her food so revolting that she even dumped it on the floor! The others in the class were more discreet – they put it in their milk carton!! Oh, yes, the noon hour happened to be the bast part of the day for "Kit" Kerns. Vance Coleman and Gary Hillman used their spare time gathering garbage cans and wife. We wonder about those two! Linda Duda discovered that they just don’t make tables as strong as they used to.

Our chemists had their fun in classes. We had an odorized school frequently! ! ! Alan Miller will probably never forget some of his concoctions. (Talk about Frightening!) The girls sure added life to our chemistry classes, too.

Our class history is one to be remembered. It is now finished. It may not be the greatest, but we will always remember it. It is, for us, a matter of cherished dreams and fondest memories.

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