The crystal ball reveals many interesting vocations awaiting the class of ’64:

Mary Ann Coleman spends most of her time nursing sick farm animals since she ran away and got married to a certain freckle-faced farmer.

Lorena Aswegan, having forsaken the tensions of today’s society, joined the Indian reservation at Tame and became their chief rainmaker.

Carol Cumberledge decided to continue her schooling. She is furthering her education as Dean of Men at Harvard.

Nancy Baldwin, Nancy Lonborg, and Melodee Ohl are all running competing bus lines to Strawberry Point.

Dennis Mackin, now a Highway Patrolman, specializes in giving tickets to buses racing between Strawberry point and Oelwein.

Anita Bahe is now operating an all male library.

Betty Emery has become an author. Her latest best seller is Why I Always Disagreed with Mr. Kraft.

Terry Chase, besides being an excellent wrestler, has developed a strong pair of yelling lungs. He plans to replace Mr. Kearny.

Dave Damge and Roger Rau, having collected a large variety of seeds during their high school days, are not operating the nation’s most successful watermelon farm.

Fred Chapman has entered an occupation in the space field. He sees that everybody gets his fair share of moonshine.

Bob Claney has entered an occupation in which he is very well qualified. He is a marriage counselor for Spanish speaking couples.

Joyce Clendenen has put her strong determination and descriptive vocabulary to work as an auto-body mechanic.

Nancy Dawson fulfilled her desire to be a beautician. She has succeeded in doing wonders for Gary.

Linda Duda is a fashion designer. Her latest creation is the hip-high dress.

Allen Crandall runs a very luxurious tugboat service out of Prairie du Chien. We’re very proud of Allen. He’s a first class river rat.

Mickey Campbell and John McBride are still wearing their white uniforms from Wareco. But there has been a slight addition – black stripes.

Vance Coleman, Oelwein’s number one playboy, increased his operations and is now concentrating his efforts in Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Vance’s latest flame is a Clampett – Granny.

Rick Connor how has his own band. His last performance was at the Cowpasture Country Club in Stanley.

Rick Bolsom is employed as a sound affects man for the Columbia Studio. He is most affective with the sound of breaking glass.

Ron Brandt still participates in sports. However, he was recently injured while dribbling his basketball through a revolving door.

Jerry Bartels owns a grocery store with a make-out parlor in the rear. Jerry is a successful businessman.

Dennis Burco, after going to college and doing graduate work in Europe, now has his Ph.D. in the art or slopping hogs.

Dennis Reisner and Garland Nash are now salesmen. They are very efficient in this field since they began dealing with a product that is very familiar to them, no-doz pills.

Doug Wetlaufer and Judy Roepke have recently starred in the Broadway hit, How to be Late for Class without Really Trying.

Gary Sevey, Gary Schima, and Dale Frisch formed a construction company that adds second stories to local school buildings. 

Gail Zingg is taking up photography and spends most of her time censoring her own photographs.

Diane Wolfgram is forming an organization for the elimination of study hall teachers.

Vicki Williams patented a lotion that makes tall girls shorter and short boys taller.

Barb Snively is making a career out of filling first chair French horn parts in name bands (Lawrence Welk, Guy Lombardo, etc.).

Bernice Storms is busy wearing out the road to Iowa City.

Susan Torrey is saving her money and almost has enough to buy her OWN jacket.

Lynette Wandel and Connie Galer are teaching night courses at Yale.

Gloria Strosahl has become a prominent writer. Her latest work is entitled, Why are the Yellow Pages Yellow?

Wayne Rundle is now employed as the white knight for the Ajax commercial.

Leone Vargason is working for the Sanitation Department. He tells us that "business is picking up."

Steve Scovel and Bob Jensen have joined the circus sideshow and are watering the elephants in their spare time.

Mark Wardell is still returning to OCHS everyday at 3:30 PM to molest sweet little redheads.

Tom Roete is at the present appearing in various nightclubs doing his impressions of some of his high school teachers. He designs Cracker Jack boxes on the side.

Tony Wengert, since his involvement with Rambler, has now become a full partner in American Motors Corporations.

Duane Smith now has everything he needs to run a successful farm - except a wife.

Rosemary Six is keeping up with the physical fitness program; she has recently opened up a muscle building gymnasium for women!

Eileen Steggall, because of her great athletic ability, is now a drill sergeant for the 101st Battalion of women marines.

Denise Wait wrestles alligators in the Everglades. He attacks them within fighting range with her bass drum.

Richard Vande Vorde is the head coach for Rosemary Six’s muscle-building gymnasium. He enjoys his work very much.

Vernon Smith, who has always been involved with chickens, now has a coast to coast egg route.

Joe Wood has become a professional boxer. He is now preparing for marriage.

Wally Young has put his great coaching ability to good use. He trains fleas for Ringling Brothers’ Circus.

Ferdinand Baena was recently arrested for international smuggling. It seems he tried to sneak bubble gum into the Philippines in the hems of grass skirts.

Brenda Rizzo is doing social work among the Italians.

Dora Popenhagen married a wealthy businessman and has lived frantically ever since.

Kay Rechkemmer is now a fire-eater in the Ringling Brothers’ Circus. She always did have hot lips.

Victor Miller, who has become a farmer, is forever expanding his operations. Presently he is trying to buy City Park for pastureland.

Nancy Robinson is a dancing girl at a place called Salomes. She doesn’t show (age) much yet.

Betty Nelson has been trying to make something for a dime that can be sold for a dollar.

LaVonne Reid is running a public bathhouse. She always did want to clean up society.

Marla Prothero is running a humane society against Upper Iowa students.

Linda Opperman is a beautician. Her steady customers are HayStack Calhoun, Georgeous George, Bonecrusher Bill, Hammerlock Harry, etc.

Jerry Richtsmeier builds fun-lined igloos in northern Yukon Territory.

Bill Pond is the proud inventor of a (pneumatic differentiating) tidily winks flipper.

Mike Roepke has become a very industrious farmer. He only wants to buy the land that borders his.

Alan Miller, Photographer for Esquire. His shots are most, ah – well, hmmmm ----PHOTOGENIC!

Dwight McElree entered pharmacy and invented a tonic (99% you-know-what) that lets people live twice as happy for half as long.

Jack Ohl manufactures hall pass cards.

Richard Plaster is smuggling Mexicans across the Rio Grande. He always was a borderline case.

John Moses is a top recording star. His latest hit was his version of Let My People Go.

Randy McColley has developed his cultural interest. He goes to Carnige Hall and starts fights.

Dennis Lemke is now customizing his antique ’64 Corvette.

Sandy Milks has transferred to Iowa State; the ratio is better there.

Sandra Lowe is employed by General Motors putting a third bucket seat in all convertibles going to bachelors.

Ann Ladegaard is now a professional girdle stretcher.

Mary Kay Miller is the Start of As the World Turns.

Sue Kunkle is now teaching social problems.

Dick Kerns runs his own hospital called Sloppy’s Slicing Studio.

Jim Krapf never returned from Room 101.

Fred Koob is a bugler for the Holy Rollers.

Linda Ketchum is still waiting for Mr. Reeding to come and teach social problems.

Marcele Kirby is Dick Kerns trusted assistant.

Dixie McElree is now manufacturing skirt suspenders.

Jeanne Moeller is now a racing champion at Tunis.

Dean Juhl now dives hundreds of feet into a glass of water.

Ron King is now the official censurer for the Grand Theatre.

Ken Kuper builds new cars with old bodies.

Charles Larson is the new chief janitor of the Presbyterian Church.

Diane Benson is a drummer boy for the French Foreign Legion.

John Doughty has been cashing in pop bottles to help finance his gas-eating Model A Ford.

Ken Faust, the famous artist, is now taking over Walt Disney’s business. He plans to change Disneyland to Faustland!

John Fereday is now manager of Strang Tire Company.

Paul Fox is now working at Knox Berry Farm.

Paul Gifford is still driving around.

Jim Harlan has published a book of lullabies for people who stay at parties after everyone has gone to bed.

Irving Hendersott has come back to OCHS for a visit – he really misses the place.

Garry Hillman recently graduated from Yale and is now an assistant at the local bakery.

John Hintz is driving a pep bus from here to Bridgeport.

Bob Ohl wrote a new book, How to Have Fun While in the Service in 10 Easy Lessons.

Bonnie Fenner is now racing cars at Tunis.

Donna Flower has her own greenhouse full of pretty little flowers.

Patty Franks is now the head model for Esquire.

Dixie Gage is now working as a secretary – employed by none other than Miss Teisinger.

Joan Garber is now employed as a fireman. It seems she is always imagining barns burning.

Sharon Gilson has already found her special someone – but it seems she’s still looking for a few more – just to keep around the house!

Connie Herzelle has her own fan club for guys in the service.

Judy Kaltenbach is presently starring in the Broadway hit, Stop the World, I Wanna Get Off!

Rockney Hennager is an executive for a large cooperation with lots of secretaries.

Dorothy Kerns is a private secretary for a local executive.

Sherryl Miller recently recorded a new song called, Johnny Angel.

Gertrude Prentice is looking for something – can’t tell what yet.

Tom Schroeder is now a great artist employed by Mr. Franks.

Marsha Gienapp is still trying to teach Fred how to dance – the California way!

Larry Kringlen has just come out with a new book of knock-knocks!

Barb Smith has been lost in the ‘Woods’ ever since high school.

Judy Simpson has developed a bright outlook on life. With every passing day she rejoices that she is a day closer to Social Security.

Duane Hillman has been involved with our judicial branch of government. When called as a witness in a liquor case, he took the fifth.

Bob Ehlers is now writing true experience articles for Playboy. He spends most of his time on research work.

Bob Baker has entered an occupation in which he is well qualified. He is a marriage counselor for Spanish speaking countries.


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