Oelwein, Iowa Class of 1964

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50th Reunion
Luigi’s, Friday, August 8th, 2014
Knights of Columbus, Saturday, August 9th, 2014
Sunday Brunch - TBD

·        For a list of classmates and their current home towns, go to the Class Roster.  We'll try to keep this up to date. We've even added some classmates that weren't with us the whole four years. Give us some help if you have anything newer.

·        For a roster showing addresses, phone numbers, and E-mail addresses go to the Restricted Roster.  You have to know our class mascot name. Hint: we were the Oelwein "H___ies". Note the capital H and type this for the "Username" and "Password" to get access.  This will help keep the riff-raff from sending us unwanted mail.

·        A Sacred Heart roster and a Restricted Sacred Heart roster are also available..

·        WHERE ARE YOU? Missing classmates.

·        Pictures from the 1999 Class Reunion.

·        More Pictures from the 1999 Class Reunion

·        Pictures from the 2004 Class Reunion

·        Pictures from the 2009 Class Reunion - under construction - send us your pictures

·        In Memoriam Since Richard Plaster became the first of our losses, this list has grown to 18.

·        First, Second and Third Grade Central Pictures. Help us identify everyone.

·        Parkside Kids

·        You may have forgotten that we had a class prophecy and a class history, I did.


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