La Boheme

Here is the first score for La Boheme; thank you Karen for the suggestion. Let me know what else should go here. I'll try to find another score that includes English translations on the score. Yes, I know you purists think this is sacrilege.  The Youtube video is Pavarotti and Domingo - Tenors, the way God intended it.  No one ever paid a thousand dollars to hear three basses sing.

Link to the Musical Score for Mimi tu piu non torni (O Mimě, will you not return?)





Phyllis, Terry, Karen? Any other pieces that should be posted for us music reading novices to look at?




Don Giovanni


Here are musical scores for my favorite three scenes from Don Giovanni. The scores are in the original Italian and an English rendition. If you have other scenes, that you want, let me know and I'll try to include them. The scans of the scores are too big to upload to the yahoo group, so links are given here. I've tried to match the musical score to the Youtube videos.  I'll try to do this for all of the Pescadero Opera House videos, as Phyllis and Bill present them at the CookHouse.  


Link to the Musical Score for Madamina Il Cantalogo (Pretty lady. Here is a list I would show you):

Youtube Video:




Link to the Musical Score for La Ci Darem In Mano  (Give me thy hand, oh fairest):

Youtube Video:




Link to the Musical Score for Commandatore:

Youtube Video:






Last Update: 02/21/2010