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If there ever WAS another, it's now the last of its kind on earth like it. The Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (aka North Korea) is like no other place. Unable to feed their people, they currently have the third largest standing army on earth. Unt il the nuclear accord was signed in 1994, they were developing nuclear weapons - while keeping their people hungry and nearly completely isolated from the rest of the world.

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Flag Lapel Pin Ox Cart Goose Stepping Soldiers Marching Sunflowers Flash Cards Giant Statue Plutonium

I've added some music clips (using RealAudio) to give you some feel for being there. While the music helps, the still photos just don't do it justice. If you have any interest in some totally amateur video I shot in the DPRK, E-mail me for details. It's over 2 hours long and includes Pyongyang, the 50th workers party celebration, Myohanson, and a little of the countryside for $30 US. The worker's celebration alone is well worth seeing. Here are a few video links using AVI files to give you short previews of the pagentry. I'll try to figure out audio and video capture and compression and do a better job of making these files a little smaller and better quality. If you have any hints, E-mail me, please.

Video Clips Using AVI Files
Movie Goose-stepping soldiers at the start of the parade, with a sea of people in the background.(738 KBytes / 8 sec. AVI)
Movie Ladies in traditional dress marching with multicolored parasols (624 KBytes / 8 sec. AVI).
Movie Marching ladies with pompoms (688 KBytes / 8 sec. AVI).
Movie Children acrobats (1.2 MBytes / 12 sec. AVI).

Here are some links to DPRK music, taken from http:\\ . If you have RealAudio Version 3.0, you can click on the RealAudio icon to hear it.

Audio Clips Using RealAudio
These links are currently dead - I  leave them here in hopes that dprk-korea will make this music available again

General Kim Il Sung Long Live Generalissimo We pledge Kim Il Sung!
Red Flag Generalisimo Kim Il Sung is with us forever Our Comrade Kim Jong Il
No Motherland without You Homeland Azaleas in the Homeland
Arirang My Love,My Happiness Do not ask my Name
Urban Girl come to get married The Dear Name Best Wishes
We waited for You The Flower Girl We are Glad
My Country is the Best The Green Pine-Tree on Nam Hill The Loving Smile
Whistle My Father Spring in the Home Village
I will be Your Son forever

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