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I wasn't allowed to take many pictures in the DPRK - at least not the kind of pictures that I wanted to take: kids, markets, people, people working. While movement in the capitol city, Pyongyang, was not limited to any great extent, all activities are closely monitored and controlled throughout the rest of the country. For example, we visited the International Friendship Exhibition Center in Myohyangsan, about a hundred miles north-east of Pyongyang. While I was encouraged to photograph the showcase buildings, I was ordered NOT to photograph some laborers that were working on an adjacent building.

If you have any interest in some totally amateur video I shot in the DPRK, E-mail me for details. It's over 2 hours long and includes Pyongyang, the 50th workers party celebration, and a little of the countryside for $30 US. The worker's celebration alone is well worth seeing. The still photos just don't do it justice.

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