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SOLDIERS I was lucky enough to be in the DPRK on October 10, 1995, the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Workers Party. The entire population of Pyongyang had been practicing precision marching with pink and red pompoms for months. We were privileged enough to be allowed to attend the morning parade, afternoon youths exhibition, and evening folk show/fireworks.

The picture here shows the start of the morning parade, with tens maybe hundreds of thousands of soldiers marching in a very impressive physical display and a military band playing music. In spite of the Nazi implications of the goose-stepping soldiers, I had to be impressed by the discipline. It's enough to make your knees hurt.

Probably more impressive was the band, which played continuously for about 3 hours.

If you have any interest in some totally amateur video I shot in the DPRK, E-mail me for details. It's over 2 hours long and includes Pyongyang, the 50th workers party celebration, and a little of the countryside for $30 US. The worker's celebration alone is well worth seeing. The still photos just don't do it justice.

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