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The afternoon of 10.10.95 was filled with a youths exhibition in a large stadium. This picture shows athletes doing gymnastics on the field while placards are used to display pictures and slogans on the far side of the stadium. The placards were held by tens of thousands of school children, each a pixel, with at least a hundred different cards to hold up. "Coaches", about 20 of them, directed the children from the field below.

I was pretty impressed with the entire exhibition until the festive mood was shattered. After the show, we were exposed to an example of the brainwashing and totalitarianism that characterizes this last-of-its-kind place. All of the young pixels were splayed out along the hillside around the stadium, weeping. I asked my guide "What in the Hell is going on?" He at first said that he didn't know, but later offered that the children were crying because the "Great Leader" was dead - dead for 15 months.

If you have any interest in some totally amateur video I shot in the DPRK, E-mail me for details. It's over 2 hours long and includes Pyongyang, the 50th workers party celebration, and a little of the countryside for $30 US. The worker's celebration alone is well worth seeing. The still photos just don't do it justice.

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