Global Warming 6/20/2006


There are too many lies and half-truths in the global warming LttE last week to comment on. Let’s just talk about one – pacific island flooding and emergency evacuations, specifically the Island nation of Tuvalu. It’s going to be submerged soon and it’s our fault. So we should feel very guilty, pay more taxes, park our SUVs, send them money, and spend $9 on AlGore’s movie. Facts? They’re pretty easy to find:

Tuvalu has about 11,000 people. It has almost no natural resources, no industry, and no tourism. This tiny country, with twice as many people as it had in 1980, exists via subsistence farming and fishing, and is subsidized by more foreign aid per person than any other country. To survive, Tuvalu pioneered the “1-900” phone sex scam but now gets its money from its “dot TV” internet suffix and foreign aid. Now, “people are being evacuated from island nations and shipped to Australia due to rising sea levels.”

Bunk! No one has been “evacuated.” The earth IS probably getting warmer, but does that spell doom to the human race? Many, many more people die from cold than from heat. Extra carbon dioxide is good for plants; its what they eat. Over the next hundred years, global warming may very well spell doom for Tuvalu and other island nations, but the Government sponsored computer models show that the sea level is just as likely to DROP because of increased carbon dioxide.

The earth is coming out of an ice age; it’s getting warmer. Some of the recent warming may very well be our fault. We can wring our hands, ruin our economies through taxation or income redistribution, and throw all our extra virgins into volcanoes, but it’s not going to have any measurable effect, other than to exacerbate the extreme shortage of virgins caused by the current jihad.

Good or bad, carbon dioxide release is going to increase and there is little or nothing that can be done. Economies in China and India are going to grow. Global warming has nothing to do with you driving Grandma to church in your SUV; it has everything to do with Jagdish and Mr. Li delivering vegetables in a truck instead of on the back of their bicycles.

Overall, sea level does appear to be rising, but the data show that it’s DROPPING in Tuvalu. There are three measurements available for sea level in Tuvalu. One, the TOPEX/POSEIDON satellite system shows that the sea level has DROPPED 4 inches since 1993. Another data set, the Australian tidal gauge data, shows that the level goes up and down a foot or so with the temperature effects of El Nino cycles and without any clear trend upward. A third analysis by scientists at the Centre Nationale d’Etudes Spatiales agrees with the drop in sea level over a time period from 1955 to 1996 of about 4 inches.

So, go to Al Gore’s movie, but take a pencil and paper and write down the “facts” that invoke outrage. Please check these facts on the Internet. Much of the Internet data is wrong or biased, but if you keep looking and keep an open mind, you’ll find the truth. The Internet scares the hell out of despots: political ones, self named activists and so-called environmentalists.

Global warming? Yes, probably, but there isn't any human solution. Just do the numbers and you'll agree.

Al Miller, an engineer, not an activist

Pedro Point