Pacifica Tribune February 14, 2007

Convenient Omissions


Now that AlGoreís movie looks destined for an Oscar, letís look at the issues again.  Nearly all of our politicians have been beaten into submission on the issue of human caused global warming, even W and Arnold.  The incessant drumming of lies and half-truths just canít be resisted by anyone who needs to get elected.  

AlGoreís movie is a wonderful Hollywood production, but it is far from an accurate or full account of the facts.  Some of his statements are downright lies.  The sea level, for example, is DROPPING at many locations, including the country he claims is being evacuated because of rising sea levels.  This doesnít fit the story, so it is just lied about.

The data are very easy to find; just look on the Internet.    Worldwide, sea levels have been rising about 1 inch every 10 years. Sea levels have been rising since the peak of the last ice age, 18,000 years ago. They have risen altogether about 400 feet.  Thatís a lot faster than the current 1 inch every 10 years.  We seem to be coping OK.  The climate models that we have spent tens of billions of dollars on disagree over whether sea levels should rise or fall because of warming.  The same models that show Greenland melting show even larger Antarctic snowfall. 

Somehow, human caused global warming is going to make dry places drier, wet places wetter, cold places colder, warm places warmer, stormy places stormier and will fertilize weeds without fertilizing crops.  How does it know to always make things worse?  Is carbon dioxide a liberal? 

Many more people die from cold than from heat Ė 5 or 10 times as many.  A warmer world is probably a friendlier place Ė lower risk, more food, and higher standard of living.  Whether or not, neither a Hollywood movie, increased taxes, nor restrictive laws will change the inevitable.  While US per capita emissions of carbon dioxide are decreasing (why havenít you heard that before), worldwide totals are going to go up.  In just a few years, China will exceed US totals.  Get over it!  Science and technology will cope with the inevitable changes.